IQM System description

IQM Description

IP Quality Monitor (IQM) System — the hardware-software complex intended for measurement and control through parameters of quality of a transport IP network considering the classes of service, zone and geographical signs supported by a network.

Along with control of a transport component, availability and operability of any network devices and network applications are controlled.

Key functions

  • IQM system provides control of qualitative characteristics of communication channels by the admission of a control traffic with the set parameters through the studied network segment.

  • IQM System offers the solution for monitoring of the qualitative IPTV parameters for operators. Separate module is realized for that controlled by the side of IQM manager.  Module carries out a subscription on multicasts video, accepts and analyzes packages. Then results of measurements are transferred to the manager of IQM where they can be analyzed by control policies and are presented to operators along with another dimensions. Monitoring can be carried out at the level of the main and regional nodes.

  • IQM system allows to carry out monitoring of working parameters from network devices. SNMP, CLI, HTTP, etc. can be used for this purpose. The functionality of the test-interpreter allows to use any means for data acquisition. 

  • IQM system provides means of control of utilization of channel capacities of a network and load of network devices  - means of display of parameters of load of a network and network devices on a map with the imposed network topology are provided, color indication of a condition of loading of channels and devices is provided.

  • Indication of a condition of loading of channels and devices. The system provides possibility of control of characteristics of mobile networks in a binding to the mobile terminal, a base station, zone structure of base stations, geographical coordinates of the subscriber.